Flower Ear Threaders

Flower Ear Threaders


These threaders feature a flower like designed charm dangling from a sparkly threader chain. Said to represent purity, each threader measures 8.5 cm, so the charm can be adjusted in height. This collection features elegant strands and intricate designs; creating classic, feminine pieces to be worn everyday. 
Each piece is cast from a master; beautifully hand carved from solid silver. The piece is finally hand finished by myself with tenderness and affection. 

- Handmade item 
- Sterling silver
- Threader measures 9.5 cm long.
- Charm measures 1.2 cm x 1.6 cm. 

These lotus flower creations form part of the Persia Collection; A country whose architecture, design and culture I've found fantastically beautiful and drawn inspiration from. 

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