Large Dangle Earrings

Large Dangle Earrings


Inspired by Iranian art and design, this collection features elegant strands and intricate designs; creating classic, feminine pieces to be worn everyday. 
These statement earrings have been cast from a master; handcrafted and finished by myself. Using a diamond burr, I have created a slightly rough texture which gives them an unusual speckled sparkly finish. Long, elegant and flattering, these make the perfect boho accessory.

-Handmade item
-Sterling silver
-31mm x 28mm
-35mm drop

About the collection:
Lotus flower like charms and mandala style creations are the 2 main features of the Persia Collection; Iran, a country whose architecture, design and culture I've found fantastically beautiful and drawn inspiration from. I've long held a desire to visit, hopefully one day that dream will come true, but until then, I'll continue to be inspired it.

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