Butterfly Drop Pendant

Butterfly Drop Pendant


Brightening your look with pure comeliness, this dainty, diminutive 
abstract butterfly hangs from an 18"- 20" adjustable, silver chain with a 2.5" drop. The pendant either comes in a matte or polish finish, complimenting the sparkle of the polished chain. 

- 40 mm drop x 20 mm
- 18" to 20" adjustable chain. 
- Secure clasp
- Sterling silver.
- Handmade in the UK.

About the Collection. 
Part of my Elegance collection, featuring stylised lotus flower designs and open work buttefly charms. Each design is shrouded in symbolism and said to represent perfection, light and life. The piece is cast from a master; beautifully handcrafted from sterling silver and finally hand finished by myself with tenderness and affection.

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